Argument essay outline | English homework help


Complete the outline for the argument essay.

Topic: Should community college be free? 

In this assignment you will develop an outline for the topic above based on the six sources that are provided for you. The six sources word document file been attached to the body of this assignment. 

Follow these guidelines to develop the outline for the topic above. (This outline is for an argument essay.)

First download the sample outline format and the six sources. Your outline must look like the sample. 

1- Refine the thesis statement. Make sure it has a clear key argument and at least three focused main ideas that prove the argument.

2- Develop an introduction. 

3- Create a topic sentence outline to support your thesis. Be sure your outline has clear topic sentences for each body paragraph. 

4- Remember the subpoints, the evidence, and the analysis you provide MUST support the main topic sentences.

Also, remember to provide brief summaries–both for the evidence, and especially, for the analysis. In other words, explain briefly how you will show that the evidence proves the point and the key argument. 

Develop a topic sentence for the counterargument, and using the SEX sources, provide evidence and analysis

Also include a summary of your rebuttal for this counterargument.

5- Include evidence from at least FIVE sources to support the argument and ONE source as the counterargument.

6- You are only allowed to use the six sources. 

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