Business law hw #1 | Law homework help

Homework Assignment due: July 16, 2017 before midnight 11:59 PM


Seeking someone with knowledge in LAW, BUSINESS LAW, & EMPLOYMENT LAW!

Must be original work, honest, timely, great writing skills, and no PLAGARISM!


Please adhere to all requirements outlined in the document attached. 

– Answer all 8 questions fully.

– Apply a law in your answer if possible

– Cite law used (internal citation + reference page = APA format)

– Write 2 or more paragraphs for each question

(Each paragraph needs to be at least 3-5 sentences long.)


– Well-written answers for each question.

– No errors, no grammar issues, and no plagarism.

– My professor is a strict grader. Will take points off if all the instructions are not followed fully.

– Grades for correctness of answer, in-depth knowledge and analysis of answer, structure, writing mechanics, and formating.





Approximately 250 words