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I posted a model of 7 files, read to answer the question, it’s a case study again it’s a case study .

all assignment info in the assignment file uploaded with the question and files .

It has to be :

1-Complete and organized submissions that adhere to all assignment instructions. 

2-High quality submissions that clearly demonstrate understanding of course materials. 

3-Properly formatted submissions demonstrating professional, college- level tone, no spelling or grammar errors and well- documented sources (when applicable). 

Make sure you save your work, close the file and then upload the cases study to the portal. Otherwise, you will submit a corrupted file that we cannot grade

Here also you will put on your business owner’s hat and dealing with currency risk. How to manage risk in currency exchange. Note: Rubric is provided for your guidance. This is a very easy assignment this week. 
In this Case study, you have to: (1) Summarize the case study presented in the F. Meyer Currency hedging practices; (2) Secondly, critique the effectiveness of F. Meyer’s current hedging practices (Min. 240 words, for both summaries and critiquing the effectiveness).care about the conduct of the case study, not throwing word or sentence not necessary. 

read directions .


Approximately 250 words