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Additional Clarification for Critical Thinking Exercise # 2.

I would approach the paper from following perspective.  Each student will be cast in the role of Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager.   You are preparing a business memo addressed to Dennis Kimble,  Corporate Vice President of Human Resources. 

I will be attending a  senior management meeting next week to review the staffing plan for our regional expansion that is outlined in the exercise. For that meeting I will need a single straight forward business memo from you that I can reference during the meeting.   The meeting will focus on the recruitment sources and methods that will be used to successfully to fill each group of positions within the 90-day deadline. I will also need you to outline any problems and/or obstacles you anticipate that will keep you and your team from meeting this aggressive deadline.  Keep in mind that you must employ aggressive recruitment methods to meet this tight deadline.  You don’t have the luxury of waiting for candidates to find you.  

Your paper must include a cover page, an executive summary and a two-page business memo.   Papers are due by Thursday, November 8 by 11:55 p


Please see the attachment for complete details on this assignment.   I have included two business memo samples for your review.  Please note the organization (structure) of each memo as well as the clarity and brevity.   Business memo communicate important information in a straightforward manner.  

Case: Build-it-Yourself Stores: Recruiting Methods

NOTE: This assignment needs to have an APA format cover sheet and reference page. Your answers to the questions must follow APA as well however, your MEMO to the VP does NOT have to follow APA formatting.

INTRO: The home-improvement retailing industry is very lucrative, and Build-It-Yourself, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a growing company with 150 stores nationwide. Currently, the company is experiencing a growth rate of one new store every two weeks. This explosive growth has created a need for a number of new positions.

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