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Topic: Creation in Context

Thread Prompt: After reading Terry Mortenson’s Article on Creation (access the PDF link below), you must develop answers to the prompts below. Interact with specific details and issues raised in the assigned article as you answer each of the prompts. You are permitted to use outside scholarly sources and the Bible in your responses. Your initial thread should be at least 400 words.

  • Explain the major arguments for a literal six-day creation. If you do not hold to a six-day creation, what are the major arguments for your viewpoint. What specific details or evidences most influence your understanding of the Genesis 1-2 text and your belief that the text should be read literally or figuratively?
  • Explain your view on the age of the universe? What are the major arguments for your view?
  • Explain what evidence shapes your view on the issue of the historicity of Adam and Eve? You should include scriptures from the Old Testament and New Testament.
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