Discussion question | SPD 500 Survey of Special Educatio

 1)Demographics and needs vary from state to state and district to district. Research the trends and prevalence of disability categories being served in your state and describe them to the class. Explain where you located this information and discuss what you can conclude about the needs of students in your state based upon this information. Explain how knowing this type of information can help you plan instruction to maximize the learning of all students. In replies to peers, discuss trends, or lack of trends, in the types of disability prevalence and explain why you think these similarities/differences occur from state to state. 


2)Each state department of education provides resources intended for parent training and information. These organizations provide advocacy services and community resources and supports. The contact information for these centers are located in a document, Procedural Safeguards, given to parents/guardians annually, and when there is a critical change in services or placement. Locate the parent training and information resource center in your state and review the site. Provide the link to your state’s parent information and training center and describe at least three different services this organization provides. Include discussion of how this tool can be used to support families and individuals with disabilities in your future special education settings. In replies to peers, discuss additional ways these resources could be utilized by teachers and families.

I live in the state of Alabama.

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