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Listed below is the essay question that needs to be answered, the link for the F & H power points and attached is the study guide with the words that need to be used with the definition, enslavement PPT and the midterm exam document. Instructions and number of pages (only 2) are listed in the midterm exam document. I really need for the instructions to be followed to the letter and use only the resource provided.

Use ALL of the following 20 words/concepts to discuss, in essay format, what each concept means within the context of our course themes thus far. How do these 20 concepts help tell of the African American story from Africa, through enslavement and emancipation and the present?

History; C.E.; Rift Valley; Africanisms in Black Culture; Niger-Congo languages -Bantu migration; Queen Njinga; Enslavement characteristics; Resistance to enslavement; Crispus Attuck; Phillis Wheatley; Ethnology; John Malvin, 1830; D. Walker, N. Turner & W. L. Garrison; Frederick Douglas; “1850 Compromise”; John P. Parker; Kansas-Nebraska Act; Dred Scott; Prudence Crandall; “Black people’s CNN”; and Jesse Jackson. 

From this link use PPT’s 5-8

F & H chapters PPT –

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Approximately 250 words