Finance summary and discussion | Business & Finance homework help

Write a summary after read the book chapter 1-4. (1-2 page)

1. what you have learned as a result of your reading, research

2. What you have learned from TD

3. Your comments (both positive and negative) about the Chat. What can be done in order to make it more valuable to you?

4. Your overall comments about your learning and experience for the week. What can I do to make this course more valuable to you?

Discussion questions: (also, you can answer it according to the book, and some other references are even better)

  1. What is the rational for wealth maximization as a goal for a firm?
  2. What are the key financial statements and why they are important?
  3. What is the purpose of ratio analysis?
  4. What is the concept of time value of money?
  5. Why understanding of time value of money is important?
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