Hands on activity 2b: seeing smtp pdu’s | ITN | Marymount University

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In this activity, you will see the different PDUs in the e-mail messages that you send. However, instead of creating and sending “live” e-mail, I have included here a sample SMTP capture (see Figure 2-21) that you can open with your Wireshark.

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1. Launch your Wireshark and open SMTP_Capture file. Rememer, Wireshark has three panels and you will be looking at these panels to answer the Deliverables.

2. Look at Packet #8, the start of the message from Sender. Click packet # 8 and see what happens in the middle and bottom panels. Take a screenshot of the Sender’s address

3. Click Packet # 14 and see if you can read the message in the bottom panel (see Figure 2-21, p. 54). Take a screenshot of the Sender’s message.

4. Create a WORD document and paste your two screenshots in this document. Write a short essay (3-4 paragraphs) describing your activity. Your essay should include the answers to the three Deliverables (p. 55-56).

5. Click a few more packets and review the displayed information in the middle and bottom panels. Pay attention to the different layers and PDUs of each packet. Are they all the same?

6. Challenge yourself and see if you can use Wireshark and capture SMTP packets using your student e-mail.

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