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  1. The term paper.  Choose a paper topic amongst those covered in the syllabus.  The main requirement is that your paper has to do with business, ethics, and our texts.  I favor taking copious notes in your texts (the bookstore doesn’t give you much back anyway), underline, doodle, scrawl, so that you have a lot of objections to turn into a paper. 

In this paper you will argue your conclusion against opposition.  So, get to the point right away.  For example, the first couple of lines:  “According to <opposition> <conclusion>.”  I disagree.  In this paper I will argue:  <opposite conclusion>.”  Above all, have and start with at least one paper you disagree with.  After an explicit introduction (in this paper I will argue,etc.), spend 1-2 pgs simply explaining and QUOTING your opposition.  Then start ARGUING against them.  No just saying “I disagree” isn’t good enough.  For this course, if you don’t know, can’t explain, or just have bad reasons for disagreeing; then you don’t disagree. 

You should talk about something that is a real issue:  a controversy with at least two sides.  You should TAKE A SIDE, and in doing so you are not representing any given author YOU ARE REPRESENTING YOURSELF.  I want YOUR ARGUMENT, though you can use whomever (even an outside source or two) to help you out.  Your paper should be at least 50% in class text sources and be RELATED ESSENTIALLY TO ENGINEERING PRACTICE (even if its fundamentally on a philosophical position).  An easy way to do this is to bring in a case study or two.  USE ACTUAL REAL LIFE EXAMPLES (like Enron or Microsoft) in place of hypothetical examples (like suppose a Ceo…) whenever possible.


Everyone will probably have to make at least some revisions to the paper.  Final copies of the term paper are due on paper and by email by the last day of class, class time.


Approximately 250 words