Less than 500 word, answer by reading


1.) Was the decade that followed World War I a decade of “progress” in the United States? Why or why not? In your answer, please explain what the idea of “progress” means to you. 

2.) What was the “new consumer society” of the 1920s? Who benefited and who suffered from its emergence?

3.) What were “business interests” in the 1920s? How did they relate to government policies?

4.) Why did the protection of civil liberties gain importance in the 1920s? 

5.) What were the tensions within the national culture during the 1920s, and how did they relate to changes in the world of business?

6.) What were the causes of the Great Depression, what were the government’s responses by 1932?

Please answer one or two of these questions in no more than 500 words. 

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