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Spring 2020 FIN 351 Take-Home Final Exam Instructions Dear Student, The final exam of FIN 351 will be a take-home final exam. The content of the exam is detailed as the following: Deadline: April 25 @11:59PM. (I have to read close to 70 exams, so I need to get the exams early in advance in order to make for the grade submission day.) You can submit the final exam to me by email any time BEFORE the deadline. Filename: FINALEXAM_SPRING2020_FIN351_SECYY_XX_LastName_FirstName.docx. XX is your number. From 01 to 40. YY is your section number. _ is the underscore (not a space). Please make sure that all letters are capitalized. Email Subject Line: Final Exam FIN 351 SecYY XX LastName FirstName Format: Word file. 30 questions. Please generate a mock-final exam as the sample final exam. And in this same mock-final exam you generate, please provide the answer key to each question, right after each question. 1. All questions are multiple choice questions and should have from A to E choices. 2. Please follow the question distributions of the sample final exam. For example, 2 questions on Chapter 1, 6 questions on Chapter 2, etc. 3. Please provide the answer keys to all questions. a. For the conceptual questions, write the answer key: A, B, C, D or E, AND please tell me the slide numbers and the chapters of the lecture notes of the relevant area. b. For the calculation questions, write the answer key: A, B, C, D or E, AND provide the calculation steps. The step-by-step illustration of your answer key is required, starting with the formula, then inputting the numbers, then calculate the answers. 4. For the conceptual questions, please generate *new* questions using the lecture notes. 5. For the calculation questions, you must change AT LEAST ONE (1) number of each question in the sample final exam, and redo the problems. If you’d like to  challenge yourself and change more than one numbers, that is also fine with me. Please mark the number(s) you change by underlying it (them). 6. For Chapter 2’s questions’ answers, you can write the table as in the quizzes and midterm 1. For the other calculation questions, it is fairly easy to type the formula. 7. Both the sample final exam and its answer keys are posted online. You can study the answer key to prepare for your own final exam. Please also keep in mind that for your final exam, I want the answer key to be right after your question, not in a separate file. 8. If you have any question, please feel free to email me. -Yi

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