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RED 4325 Unit Plan and Instruction Chart (Teach) with Presentation- There are two parts to this project. 

Part 1: Unit Plan Worksheet 

UNIT PLAN-R.docxDownload UNIT PLAN-R.docx

Sample Unit PlanDownload Sample Unit Plan

Additional Information & Instructions:

  • Choose one non-fiction text from where all the lessons can derive. This may be a non-fiction book, but you will need to add the citation of the book you use or the online citation of the article you use. For phonics and phonological awareness, you may use outside sources that are not based on the book because of the way that that component is taught. 
  • Must complete all six reading areas on the chart (oral lang, phonological, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension)  Chart will expand a little as you add space to the cells to complete the assignment.
  • Each reading area must use one standard (copy/paste it) from the
  • Comprehension is the only area you need to include two standards:
    • The first one is from your subject area standard from CPALMS Links to an external site.. THIS IS TO SEARCH THE STANDARD FOR YOUR SUBJECT AREA, IT IS AVAILABLE WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT. 
    • The second one is from B.E.S.T. ELA Standards for comprehension for the grade level you are teaching.
  • Refer to the strategies on the overview page for this module. Also, the Florida Center for Reading Research Links to an external site.has activities that you can use to teach the different reading components. You may also use strategies that you have used in this class through your Instructional Plans. 

Part 2: PowerPoint

Presentation Criteria:

  1. This PowerPoint will include material that you will use in teaching using the information from your Unit plan. Keep in mind that you can teach all the skills with one non-fiction piece that can be found in NewsELA or another source. However, if you need an additional piece, please add that. This presentation should be created as a teaching tool that matches your lessons in the unit plan. 
  2. Presentation should include: Visual Support (graphics, graphic organizers, examples (models of the strategy), etc.) to engage students. 
  3. Materials:  A slide should be dedicated to listing materials you would use during this lesson, including the citation and link to the non-fiction piece you are using.  For example, worksheets, manipulatives (pictures of them), pictures of book (if you are using a book) etc. should be embedded into the presentation (you may also provide them as a link in the PowerPoint). 
  4. All students must include a vocabulary and comprehension lesson in the PowerPoint, then choose two other areas to include as if you were teaching this to a small group of students (this needs to match your unit plan chart). 
  5. Powerpoint is required:  
    • Title slide with your name, name of text, and semester
    • 8 slides; 2 slides per area (vocabulary, comprehension, and two others of your choice)
    • 2 slides for each of the required lessons (vocabulary and comprehension)
    • 2 slides for each of the lessons of your choice ( Choose from:  phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, oral language development)
    • Reference slide with outside sources cited in APA format

NOTE: Using copies of textbooks with assignments from textbooks is a copyright infringement, and it will not be acceptable. You may use a text in a textbook, but not a chapter with chapter assignments. That will result in a failing grade. Please use the materials that are provided to determine which teaching tools would work best with your students. 


Approximately 250 words