Socw 6361 week 3 disc 1 – responses to original posts | SOCW 6361 – Social Policy: Analysis and Advocacy | Walden University


As a social worker, often you need to use your policy advocacy skills to ensure that your clients are receiving the services that they need. Although you may tend to think of policy advocacy skills as separate from your clinical social work skills, they are very similar. Think of the skills that you would use in working with a client such as Jake Levy. How could you apply these skills to policy advocacy? How will you use these skills to identify the policy and social problems that are impacting these families? In this week’s Discussion, you will continue to follow the Levy, Bradley, Petrakis, and Cortez families to start the process of policy advocacy.

In this Discussion, select one of the four integrated videos and identify the problems experienced by the client(s)..

Respond to a colleague who chose a case different from yours by addressing the following:

· Describe another way the identified problem can be defined.

· What policy advocacy skills do you think should be used to address the identified problem?


Approximately 250 words