translanguaging in two-way immersion classsrooms

reading materials 

For this module, please read chapter five in the text and the article in the module by Wu and Leung.  I would also like ou to watch  two videos – one is on translanguaging in bilingual classrooms, please watch just until the 30 minute mark and the second video is of a world language classroom.  I would like you to watch the videos and think about the instructional design cycle that is presented in chapter five. The first video walks you through translanguaging in two-way immersion classsrooms, for the second video identify ways the world language teacher uses students’ home language. (1 to 30Min)

Instructional Planning Board Prompt:

For this planning board please share the lesson you are designing or adapting for Micro Lesson  and answer the following questions:

a)  What elements of the instructional design cycle will you focus on? What type of language learner are you considering when designing the lesson? (i.e. emergent bilingual in general education, English speaker in world language class, bilingual student in TWI class?)

(Explorar-Explore, Evaluar-Evaluate, Imaginar-Imagine, Presentar -Present, Implementar-Implement)

b) How will students be supported in the design phase you have selected?

c. How will students  use specific resources to access their language repertoires to engage in the lesson?

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