Why teachers quit- resignation | Education homework help

Teachers often face many challenges in the field of education. Click on the identified link identified below and read the article on: Why Teachers Quit. Read the article as well as each of the resignation letters of Anne Marie Corgill, Jerry Conti, Pauline, and Tracey Suits. 

After reading the article and the resignation letters, write a minimum of a three page paper analyzing, describing, and summarizing the reasons these teachers resigned.  Also, discussed what are the implications that this article portrays to you as an aspiring teacher in the field of education.

The paper should be doubled space, typed in Times New Romans 12 size font.  Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please check your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation prior to submitting. Please adhere to APA writing requirements.

Please note the rubrics for the writing assignment.


Approximately 250 words