Write a four-page reflection paper about my body politic

Upon completion of , you will write a four-page reflection paper or generate a reflective project that summarizes the book and describes how the concepts discussed in the book are applicable to your future career.

For the reflective project:

The reflective project provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate means of action and expression using the universal design for learning guidelines that we discussed in our disability studies in education unit. You are encouraged to share a brief proposal of the reflective project idea with the instructor for approval and feedback. The goal of this project is to share a brief summary of both books, the themes most salient to you, and a reflective application for your future career. An example would be creating an infographic that includes images of places Simi traveled and people she met with descriptions her experiences, what you’ve learned from them, and how they apply to you and your future. 

For the reflection paper:

In four double-spaced pages, please write a summary and reflection of the book and application to your future career.

Page 1 and 2: Provide a summary of the book and include the messages or themes from the author that were most salient for you.

Page 3: Describe an experience or person the author encountered that stood out to you and describe the impact on your personal philosophies and/or future career.

Page 4: Describe how the overall concepts, people, and experiences in the books apply to or connect with your future career.

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